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Save boots on the ground for the claims that need them most.

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Incorporating aerial imagery and data into Xactimate not only saves time but also reduces costs and increases safety.

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New insurance markets are great opportunities—if you can add them to your offering before competition oversaturates them.

The Sequel suite lets you pounce on new markets as they emerge. Its light footprint makes it easy to set up and maintain without having to write code, and its powerful data integrations mean you can continue to use the core technologies you've already invested in.

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Sequel is the intersection of ...

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And suddenly, you're underwriting cyber insurance.

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How does Sequel help you compete in a constantly evolving insurance market?

Sequel facilitates the creation of your own streamlined underwriting ecosystem. The tech you’ve invested in, and the data sets you rely on, work more efficiently when integrated with the Sequel platform.

Sequel consolidates all of your data sets into one core system.

Adding Sequel to your toolbelt is simple—no dev time required. During the onboarding process, we’ll teach your team how to configure, adjust, integrate, and build Sequel in whatever way works best for your business.

Sequel is a no-code platform.

Sequel leads to measurably improved portfolio management.

Deep visualization tools and easy access to often-overlooked data points and risk factors mean safer, more profitable new lines of business and insight into previously underutilized capacity across your company.

Cyber insurance is hard to stand up. Exposure data isn’t easy to come by, and the underlying tech is constantly changing. But with nearly every modern business exposed, the emerging market for detailed cyber underwriting is vast.

2020 cyber insurance — one of the fastest-growing segments

  • 12.4 million actual cyber exposures
  • Almost 1,000 industry classes
  • Events resulting in more than $5 billion in losses
  • Nearly 100,000 unique cyber incidents

Cyber insurance market snapshot:

A deep dive into Sequel tools and features

Escape the spreadsheet. 
Thrive with cloud-based automating tools.

Sequel provides a highly configurable authoring tool that helps you develop rating algorithms, underwrite rules, and produce necessary documents.

  • Can automatically analyze spreadsheets from outdated tools and import base formulas to its authoring feature.
  • Can be 100% implemented and managed without coding work.
  • Streamlines underwriting with data pre-fill options from other Verisk and third-party data services.

Sequel Rulebook

Introducing Sequel data visualization and analysis. Sequel allows you to aggregate the details of individual risks, apply the policy terms and conditions to calculate their aggregate exposure, and determine the marginal impact of adding an account to your portfolio.

All of your exposures. One clear view.

  • Lets you assess loss across multiple classes of business and perils.
  • Helps you manage the risk appetite of your organization.
  • Provides and easy-to-configure data dictionary, allowing you to customize the data you use to analyze your portfolio.

Sequel Impact

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