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Incorporating aerial imagery and data into Xactimate not only saves time but also reduces costs and increases safety.

Insurance, reinsurance, and claims tools that support the entire insurance lifecycle.

The Sequel Suite supports your E&S business throughout the entire insurance lifecycle with pricing and underwriting, exposure aggregation management, policy administration for post-bind processing, and claims adjudication and resolution.

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The Sequel Suite

Specialty line insurers: challenges to overcome

And suddenly, you're two steps ahead of the increasingly weird E&S market.

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How does Sequel help you compete in the shifting surplus lines market?

The Sequel Suite provides a central platform that integrates and connects all of the tech you’ve invested in into a single optimized ecosystem. The result? Quality of life perks like automated data pre-fill, CAT and other modeling environment integrations, and access to the kinds of data needed for deep analytics.

The power of a traditional admitted ecosystem. None of the rigidity. 

Stand up new lines of business without overburdening your IT department. We’ll teach your team how to shape Sequel Rulebook to support emerging and changing E&S market opportunities.

A no-code platform keeps your business ready and agile

Measurably improved portfolio management

Powerful visualization tools allow you to make your data actionable. Use it to manage your portfolio, de-risk your book, and uncover underutilized capacity from across your company.

Competing in the current marketplace comes down to three key ideas:

  • Real-time rate monitoring

  • Rapid product implementation

  • Efficient, reactive product updates

The majority of specialty-line insurers in the U.S. self-report that they do a subpar job of real-time monitoring. They fail to exploit new or hardening markets, and they overprice a softening market to the detriment of their bottom lines.

And even when they do keep tabs on market shifts, their ability to adjust or stand up new lines of business often lags behind key market moments. Excel-based tools, a patchwork of tools and APIS, and an inability to centrally aggregate or migrate data sets makes rolling out new products or adding to the products they already offer a bureaucratic nightmare.

Download the 2020 Novarica Report on E&S insurer challenges.

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The explosion of remote working technologies (and the not-so-subtle market impacts of a certain pandemic) have kicked off a series of new and underreported shifts across surplus lines—many of which are strange territory even for non-admitted insurers.

With the Sequel suite, you can react strategically and efficiently to new surplus opportunities.

Automating underwriting tools, claims handling, and reliable data

Manage product and program changes

Aggregate exposures

Stand up new lines of business

Monitor rates in real time

Replace excel-based raters

Handle and resolve claims

Real-time rate monitoring: your edge on the competition

Only a small percentage of specialty insurers appreciates and capitalizes on the strengths of real-time monitoring. By keeping tabs on the states of various markets, the Sequel Suite can help you more profitably price your products as markets harden and soften.

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Your own future-proof ecosystem

A suite of cutting-edge insurance tools

Non-admitted insurers still rely on manual spreadsheet-based rating.

According to a 2020 Novarica report on the state of U.S. specialty insurance, approximately half of insurers still use spreadsheets for pricing. Despite the emergence of digital, cloud-based authoring tools, many underwriters are still required to work within unscalable spreadsheet-based software, resulting in 

  • inadequate data capture

  • corrupt files

  • versioning issues

  • integration hurdles

  • manual keying

Spread-sheet based rating

Modern authoring tool

When the third-party data a carrier relies on to accurately price policies isn’t integrated into a core underwriting platform, organizing it, sharing it, migrating it, and reporting on it is often overly cumbersome. Common spreadsheet-based workflows only worsen the issue, as they lack the integration layer necessary for automating and streamlining data ingestion.

Lastly, for all of the benefits of external data sources, they often limit or slow down growth. Without a connected, internal ecosystem, reconnecting third-party data to new lines of business and technology solutions requires a huge investment of IT resources.

Crucial third-party data is expensive and hard to scale.

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Escape the spreadsheet. Thrive with cloud-based automation tools.

Sequel Rulebook provides a highly configurable authoring tool that helps you develop rating algorithms, underwrite rules, and produce necessary documents.

Sequel Rulebook

  • Automatically analyzes spreadsheets from outdated tools and imports base formulas to its authoring feature

  • Can be implemented and managed with no coding work whatsoever

  • Streamlines underwriting with data pre-fill options from other Verisk and third-party data services

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Turn claims into a competitive advantage

Sequel claims is a fully configurable claims handling tool that supports the entire claims lifecycle. Use it to enhance your claims workflow with automated processing, visualized real-time data, and smart search functionality.

  • Cloud-based authoring tools
  • Portfolio-wide analytics
  • Visualized data aggregation
  • Streamlined claims handling
  • Integrates with core software Flexible API
  • Connects and consolidates enterprise data
  • Compatible with emerging insurance technology 

Insurers aren’t always fast enough to profit off new markets.

Sequel Claims

  • Visibility into the claims process prevents claims leakage and costly litigation

  • Multi-line support of end-to-end claims processing and case management

  • Robust API for native and third-party data and application integration

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All of your exposures. One clear view.

Sequel Impact allows you to aggregate the details of individual risks, apply the policy terms and conditions to calculate their aggregate exposure, and determine the margins impact of adding an account to your portfolio.

Sequel Impact

  • Assesses loss across multiple classes of business and perils

  • Helps you manage your risk appetite 

  • Lets you customize the data you use to analyze your portfolio

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